Hosted Phone System Solution


* Flexibility *

Never worry about scaling your phone system as your business grows. Enjoy the freedom to add or remove phones as need be regardless of your location in the world. Give your branch offices and SOHO workers the same powerful features that your employees at the main office have. Offices with cyclical workloads can see up to a 50% savings on their telecommunications costs by having the ability to expand or roll back the size of their PBX at a moments’ notice.

* Reliability *

Keep your company’s communication channels open and end the anxiety of maintaining un-reliable, outdated and/or costly equipment. Also, maintenance contracts are a thing of the past with the TeleCloud hosted communications solution. You will never pay a maintenance fee to upgrade the software of your TeleCloud PBX. Upgrades are pushed out regularly to keep your hosted PBX secure and up to date.

* Save Money *

— Zero Capital Expense —
Cut capital expenses for the cost up upgrading your communications system and let TeleCloud take care of the maintenance and software upgrades.  For offices with existing IP phone systems, re-purpose your existing legacy IP phones and cut the capital expense budget when migrating to the TeleCloud hosted communications solution.

* Features *

Scalability, Unified Messaging, Multiple and Multi-Level Auto Attendants, Dynamic Line Bursting, Remote Workers, Trunk Consolidation, Virtual DID’s, Cell Phone Support, Disaster Recovery, Location Mobility and much more. See below for additional details.


Customers are often required to over-engineer their phone systems by purchasing more phone circuits than they really need. Dial Tone-Plus enables customers to scale the number of telephony sessions (virtual phone lines) in increments of one, rather than paying for something they don’t need or won’t use.

Unified Messaging

TeleCloud’s hosted PBX is not just an enterprise grade phone system it is a platform for communications. Voicemail and fax to email as well as working off of your cell phone via find-me/follow-me are just a few of the options that the TeleCloud hosted communications solution offers

Multiple and Multi-Level Auto Attendants

There are many cases where companies need the ability to have multiple auto attendants operational simultaneously on their PBX. This feature is included at no additional fee with the TeleCloud hosted communications system. Whether you company’s needs demand one or several auto attendants relax knowing that this is always a possibility

Multiple departments, no problem. With the TeleCloud multi-level auto attendant nest as many branches within the call tree as you require.

Dynamic Line Bursting

During peak hours a customer can be at risk of not having enough call paths (or phone lines) to accommodate increased inbound call activity, resulting in many callers receiving a busy signal. Dynamic Line Bursting allows a customer to “burst” over the total number of prepaid call paths (virtual phone lines) they are subscribed to, so that inbound callers never receive a busy signal.

Location Mobility

Move across the country overnight without contacting your service provider to let them know.

Disaster Recovery

Designed to protect business customers through increased reliability and survivability during unexpected service interruptions.  Dial Tone-Plus disaster recovery provides continuity of service by systematically re-routing incoming calls to cell phones, voice mail boxes or branch offices.

Remote Workers

Companies that have premise-based PBX’s have little to no features they can offer to their employees who work remotely. For literally a few dollars per month, Dial Tone-Plus offers full PBX functionality to your home based and mobile workers.

Cell Phone Support

Requirements are no longer limited to wired systems. Organizations can now leverage voice over cellular while enjoying the feature set of a corporate PBX.

Virtual DIDs

Organizations can have DIDs nationwide or local regardless of their location. Virtual Conference Center: Unlimited number of conference calls that can be routed by DID or Auto Attendant.

Trunk Consolidation

In a multi-site environment, TeleCloud lets you eliminate individual telephone circuits (traditional phone lines) at each location, consolidating all locations into one centralized site, resulting in reduced hardware and significant cost savings.